Who is Vascular Surgeon?

Who is Vascular Surgeon


Vascular surgery is a dynamic and rapidly expanding specialty that deals with the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with diseases, disorders of the arteries, veins, lymphatics (circulatory system) Vascular surgeons manage diseases of the veins and arteries in every part of body except the brain and the heart.

Vascular surgeons are trained in different kinds of procedures

They can perform open, complicated surgery as well as the modern minimally invasive endovascular procedures. So they are often known as vascular & endovascular surgeons or vascular specialists. This helps most vascular specialists to give a balanced opinion, unlike other specialists who usually perform only one type of procedure. Therefore, patients can be assured that they will get the best treatment for their particular need.

A vascular surgeon’s expertise exceeds far more than just surgery.

Not all patients need surgery! A well trained vascular specialist often spends most of his/ her time in medical treatment of diverse vascular conditions.

Vascular surgeons build relationships with their patients.

In contrast to certain specialists who take part only in certain procedures or surgeries of patients, most vascular specialists will be able to take care of the entire diagnosis and treatment process of patients suffering from various vascular diseases or disorders.

When would you need to see a vascular surgeon?

Typically patients are referred to vascular surgeons by their family doctors, physicians or surgeons who suspect vascular diseases. However, people with high risk categories like: smokers, diabetics or high blood pressure people could visit a vascular surgeon as a precaution.